George W. Bush speech in Budapest
George W. Bush president of the US delivers his speech held in Budapest, Hungary on June 22, 2006.

It is not the first time and perhaps not the last either Budapest to greet a president of the USA. Visit of George W. Bush in the city will be memorable for me. Not only because it is connected to the commemoration events of the 1956 uprising, but because it was the first time I had a chance to photograph the president of the USA and the first lady – but not the last time to this either.

After the arrival of Air Force One he drove straight to his hotel. From here he headed next day to the Sandor Palace, then to Parliament to meet the leaders of Hungary. The last event of his visit was a public speech held at the top of Gellert Hill with the view of the city in the background. Choosing the view from the Citadel was a brilliant choice made by the staff of the president for the speech broadcast live by CNN.

Update: A few years later I also photographed president Obama too, however not in Budapest, but during his visit to Prague where he held a speech with a very similar backdrop (unfortunately we had fog over the city then).

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