Red Bull Air Race 2008

Fotó: Völgyi Attila /

The energy drink manufacturer based in Austria this year practically organised the air race for themselves. Their in-house competitior Hannes Arch managed to win the current race for the first time. Of course he drank some Red Bull in celebration on top of the podium. Hungarian commpetitor Peter Bessenyei placed fifth despite the advantage of the home field. Thus he couldn’t receive the Herendi made trophy shaped after Hungary’s mythologic  bird the turul.

This year none of the pilots were allowed to make the fly under landmark Chain Bridge which became a tradition bound to the race. However the operative branch overseeing security measures of the event did allow the flights under the bridge, organisers of Red Bull decided not to take the risk considering the high water level of the river and the high amount of debris it carries with it. They didn’t want to risk adding some airplane parts to it. Here you find a selection of my photos from the race.

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