Slightly out of focus – Memories of a War

Cover of the 2013 Hungarian edition
Park Publishing House
Robert Capa: Slightly Out of Focus

The 2013 Hungarian edition
Source: Park Publishing house

This is a book every photographer should read, but I think it is worth to read it for everyone else. Especially if one is interested in any form of photography, media, war, history and likes well written funny stories – especially all of these goes for you.

„Writing the truth being obviously so difficult, I have in the interests of it allowed myself to go sometimes slightly beyond and slightly this side of it. All events and persons in this book are accidental and have something to do with the truth.” – Robert Capa: Slightly Out of Focus (buy it on Amazon and support my blog with your purchase)

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2001 USA edition cover
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These are Capa’s words on the dust jacket of his autobiography wrote in 1947. It was originally meant to be a movie script. He started off his career as a writer only later turned to photography that made him so famous. It tells a lot about the world traveling photographer that his friends mostly knew about him whatever adventures he might get into, how close he gets to death for him reality was never interesting enough. His style is quite like P. G. Woodhouse in international or Jeno Rejto in Hungarian literature. Capa’s humour filled war memoir is illustrated by over a hundred images taken by the author himself.

Robert Capa: Slightly Out of Focus

2006 Hungarian edition
Source: Park Publishing House

The self irony filled Robert Capa autobiography has many editions. I have the covers of two here from Hungary where he originated. I hope to add other covers of the book later from other countries.

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