Visa. Is it really all you need?

visa_cardDespite the very funny video below which says you have the Visa for every problem, I ran into the problem many times in UK that I couldn’t pay with my Visa. The most annoying part is that ATM machines don’t even give you a clue why they reject the card, they just don’t accept it. Some machines do let me draw money, some don’t. I’ve used it without a problem in a few places from Slovakia to Lithuania and until now only in the UK have I had any bother. It only backs up my feeling that that island really is a different world…

“The requested transaction cannot be performed.”

By the way usually I don’t keep cash with me at home in Hungary either which makes my rejection of beggars’ requests for small change an honest one. I really don’t like having  coins in my pocket which jingle and jangle at my every move. Perhaps my dislike of cash is actually because of my work, sometimes at weddings, churches, conferences, theatres and other places where I really should not make any noise at all.

However I simply don’t get how someone can attempt to run a business in the 21tst century without accepting bank card payment. In Hungary we even have large companies like fast food restaurants, electronic store chains selling expensive products (with huge traffic and great income) where you cannot pay with a credit card. I know there is a transaction fee the seller needs to pay the bank which reduces the profit, but surely that  is a basic and minimal feature for a serious business. In the UK I didn’t see such a problem with this. However what is strange even there is that controllers cannot accept a card on the tram even though he has a computer with him that prints his tickets, it needs to be bought by cash, no cards accepted. But I expect they’ll sort it out in a few years as well, as I expect them to accept cards everywhere much sooner than their Hungarian counterparts.

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