Ryan Lochte has a 24 carat smile

Photo by Attila Volgy / blog.volgyiattila.com
Ryan Lochte (USA) celebrates his victory in 400 m Men's Individual Medley Swimming competition during the 13th FINA Swimming World Championships held in Rome, Italy. Sunday, 02. August 2009. ATTILA VOLGYI (ATTILA VOLGYI)

Ryan Lochte (USA)  – Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com

One of the popular US swimmers, Ryan Lochte shows his shining gold medal and his shining 24 carat smile as well during the prize presentation of the 400 m individual medley compeition in Foro Italico during the wolrd championships in Rome. Of course he uses his diamond decorated teeth jewel for the gold medals…

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