Huge water fighting in downtown Budapest
Public water fighting in public on Erzsebet square in Budapest, Hungary. 22. August 2009.

This wasn’t the first time a water fighting is organised on the square in front of Budapest’s Saint Stephen Basilica. However this was the first time I managed to be present and take photographs of it. Amidst this summer’s scorching heat this public water fight was a real cool down for everyone who participated. All sorts of water pistols, cannons, plastic bottles and baskets were involved in the fun. Fountains of the square supplied water to refill the arsenal, but baskets proved much faster and easier to reload than mostly any of the the water pistols.
After a while participants moved from Saint Stephen square to the neighbouring Erzsebet square where there is a large artificial lake just above Godor Club. In the pool really everyone used all methods to splash others.

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