Look Back on 2009 in Pictures

Hungarion version

Unfortunately some of the URLs in this post are broken, they became victims of the digital decay, I’m sorry for this!
If you know their correct locations, please let me know to allow me update them!

Once I have photos, blog and look back on the past year it is about time to show a collection of the collections. Here is a bunch of the selections from different editors around the world from the pictures of 2009 and some about the decade too. There is the intention for completeness, but I know it is not at all complete. If you know any other similar pictures of 2009 collections of news images, feel free to let me know about it in comments.

I also added a mosaic of my photos taken this year.

Selections of Hungarian websites:

2009 in pictures

Some of my pictures from 2009

International Selections:

The past decade in pictures: