Red Bull Air Race cancelled

Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Red Bull officially announced there won’t be any Air Race, held in Budapest. Instead of Hungary, they will award their world champion in Germany this year.

Because of the long-drawn authorization procedures, Red Bull Air Race organizers today announced they cancel the Budapest stage of their race series. After an uninterrupted series of six years for the first time this year they won’t award the world champion in Budapest, but in Lausitz, Germany instead on the 8th August.
Budapest has been a constant stop of the series since the start in 2004 where over 600 000 viewers watched the race on the banks of river Danube. Just like every year before they planned he race on the national holiday of 20th August.

Bernd Loidl CEO of Red Bull writes in a statement:

“We managed to organize successfully and without any accidents for six years in a row so it was hard for us to make this decision. Just so soon after the cancellation of the Portugal race, of course, we are disappointed, and we hope to return with the race to Budapest for 2011.”

Update: Not only did they not return to Budapest in 2011, but the entire Red Bull Air Race series was canceled for that year. It took years to bring Red Bull Air Race back to Budapest but was no longer held on the national holiday of the state foundation on 20th August, but a different summer date instead. Later in 2019 local authorities once again banned the airplane race in the city because of it’s dangerous and loud nature.

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