How many photographer replaces a lightbulb?

Photo by Akos Kiss' photography blog

Photo by Akos Kiss’ photography blog

Question: How many photographers it takes to replace a light bulb?
Answer: Only one, but all the others say they would do it better.

There are more complicated answers for this question too as a parody of the photographer society and a criticism of the photographers commenting on Internet forums. I think this one sentence sums it all up.

Anyway psychologists know it the best: the light bulb has to want it too…

Photographers’ reactions:

  • 1 replaces the light bulb
  • 33 says they would do it better
  • 24 talk about having more emotions using film
  • 41 talk about this one should not do it himself yet, he should still learn it as an intern
  • 17 asks rethorical questions about “did he ever use a dark room”
  • 13 would not even lsiten
  • 4 would state how good it must be for that one

Photographers on forums:

  • 1 replaces the light bulb
  • 14 shares his experiences how light bulbs should be replaced
  • 7 warns for the dangers of replacing light bulbs
  • 7 complains for typos and gramatical errors
  • 5 criticises grammar nazis
  • 3 corrects the typos
  • 6 argues about if it should be “light bulb” or “lightbulb”
  • 2 professional photographers tells the others it is called a light
  • 15 tells they worked as professionals and that light bulb works  just fine
  • 19 tells this forum is not about light bulbs and asks the otehrs to discuss it elsewhere
  • 11 demand it is on topic to discuss replacing light bulbs as we all use light bulbs
  • 36 argue about which method is best for replacing a light bulb, where you can buy the best light bulb and what brand of light bulb can be used best with a certain technique and which brands are totally wrong
  • 7 shares websites where you can buy various types of light bulbs
  • 4 announces the addresses are wrong and shares the corrected ones
  • 3 shares other webshites he found using the previous links that may be interesting for others too
  • 13 quotes text from the linked sites and adds he agrees
  • 5 promise never to comment on a forum because they cannot follow the thread
  • 4 asks if this topic has been discussed before
  • 13 suggests using search if they are interested
  • 1 replies after 6 months and the entire discussion starts again from the beginning

Update: Originally I used a much more boring general light bulb photo in the post for illiustration (what for I still am thankful for Anton Fomkin from Flickr), but one warm summer day I realised how great this post would look with the photo used on Akos Kiss’ photography blog what he greatfully permitted me to use.

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