On Tuesday girls can return Easter watering!

Fotó: Völgyi Attila / blog.volgyiattila.hu

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Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com

It is a lesser known part of the Easter folk tradition. Some even argue it does exist, but this part of the tradition does exist.

In Hungary there is an Easter tradition of watering girls. Boys walk around villages with buckets of water and drop water on girls like watering flowers to keep them young.

Girls can and do return watering on Tuesday. In some territories like Mezofalva girls don’t wait until Tuesday and they return watering on Monday afternoon to greet boys arriving after lunch.
Those who don’t believe it can investigate it for themselves. To make it easier here is a quote from the Hungarian Ethnographic Encyclopaedia: “Watering of gents was thanked by the girls on Easter Monday afternoon with an egg handed over either personally or sent by a girlfriend. Reward for the watering is usually a painted egg (→ Easter egg).
On Tuesday girls watered the boys. […] Based on the writing of Balazs Orban (1869): „In Szekeler land in general, but especially in Csik the tradition of Easter watering lives on with both sexes of the youth. On the second day of Easter men water women, and on the third day the girls water the men. Both sides have the reserved possibility to exchange watering … if some girls don’t have the needed red painted egg supply or is afraid of shooting a gun then she is taken to the well and is submerged in the water.”

Don’t forget by tradition men use buckets of clear water for watering. Not to mention the visuals and the feeling is the most original that way. So prepare your buckets and fill them and let’s go watering! Of course some prefer using a siphon, garden or even firemen’s hose…

Happy Easter everyone!

Girls can return watering!
Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com

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