Half naked santa runners don’t feel cold

Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com
Santa run

Galériáért katt a képre!
Photo by Attila Volgyi / blog.volgyiattila.com

There are some people not that much affected by cold temperature as others are. Participants of the half naked santa run feel the same. They are kept warm by their enthusiasm. Here are some thoughts about cold on a not so cold winter day.

I wanted to write about last weekend’s swimsuit santa run because it is a nice charity and a fun way to spend the weekend closest to Santa’s day (we celebrate him on the 6th December in Hungary).
These runners help the charity of the Magic Lamp Foundation, to make a bunch of ill children smile again while participants anjoy the fun and keep fit as well. Last but not least they are a good news for photographers and tv crews every year. They ran a few kilometres from Westend shopping centre to Octogon and back. After the run they spent some time on the ice rink on the top of the mall, tried to draw snow angels or skated.

Galériáért kattints a képre! – Fotó: Völgyi Attila

A couple of them went for a warmup in the thermal pool of Bath Széchenyi after the winter running. I have known it for a while but I never saw people going to an open air bath during winter. The baht however is open all winter and guests go there continuously. On the other hand there are people who go for an ice leak bath then rush for a sauna – or viva versa? Well I would definitely choose the thermal bath instead.

I didn’t have the time to write this (or other topics came in front of it). But now it came to my mind to write a related funny quote – that has more than one versions in Hungary and I think all of them are more amusing than cold itself:

+20°C Greeks pull on swetters (if they find it)
+15°C Jamaicans turn on heating (only if they have it of course).
+10°C Americans are freezing cold. Russians start planting cucumber in the garden.
+ 5°C Our breath becomes visible in the air. Italian cars stop working.
0°C Water freezes in the US. In Russia water gets slushy.
– 5°C French cars stop working.
-15°C A cat wants to sleep with you in your bed. Norvegians dig up their swetters.
-18°C People turn on heating in Oslo. Russians leave for vacation the last time at the and of season.
-20°C American cars don’t start.
-25°C German cars can’t be started. Jamaicans are extinct.
-30°C Officials start taking care of the homeless. The cat sleeps in your pijamas.
-35°C It’s too cold for you to think. Japan cars stop working.
-40°C Swedish cars won’t start.
-42°C Transportation in Europe stops completely. Russians eat ice cream on the streets.
-45°C Are there any greeks left?
-50°C Eye lashes are frozen amidst blinking. People close the small windows of bathrooms in Alaska during shower.
-60°C Polar bears move to the south.
-70°C Hell freezes.
-73°C Finnish people evacuate Joulupukk (Finnish for Santa) from Lapland. Russians start wearing their winter hats that warm their ears.
-80°C Russians don’t take off their gloves while pouring a glass of vodka.
-114°C Alcohol is frozen. Russians get angry.

How much do you bear cold?

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