Earth Hour – turn off the lights globally!

Photo by Attila Volgy /

The world’s largest cities celebrated the annual Earth Hour, what has been composed into a beautyful gallery in what you can turn off the lights yourself.

While Reuters published a multimedia piece last year, they only published traditional photo pairs this year. The gallery of Boston Globe BigPicture however selected some beautyful large pictures but they didn’t stop there. They made them into an interactive gallery, this way as a visitor of the site you can turn off the lights yourself. (Unfortunately Budapest was left out this year from the  international Earth Hour selection of Reuters.)

Aim of this initiative is to draw attention to the importance of energy saving and how much energy can be saved by turning off the lights when we don’t need them. Of course this type of eye catching campaigns are pointless if we don’t turn off the lights at home only on these rare occasions…

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