Pillowfight phtos – Budapest 2012

People participate in a public pillowfight in Budapest, Hungary. 07. April. 2012.

There are always at least a few hundred people willing to participate in the oblivious joy of the pillowfight day. Check out my images how young people played the pillowfight game during easter Saturday on March 15 square.

Budapest joined the international movement to organise a pillowfight day every year. It is always a memorable event for every participant. It is twice as memorable for me as as allergic to feather.
This year’s event became even more memorable than ever before for me because my camera got smashed a bit, but I wrote a separate post about this incident (at the moment it is available olny in Hungarian, but I will translate it into English later). Now let’s see the npictures from the great pillowfight.

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