Saint George day leads livestock to the fields

Photo by Attila Volgy /

Following traditions, the Day of Saint George is not only to honour policemen, that in Hungary for a while has been tied together with honouring firemen as well. This is also the day when the traditional agricultural gazing season starts. This is the day herdsmen lead their livestock to the fields to keep them outside for the rest of the time until the gazing season ends.

Sheeps cross the Nine hole bridge at Hortobagy
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Photo by Attila Volgyi /

However weather is gracious and seems to be like summer these days, tradition considers Saint George’s day to be an early spring festive when people say goodbye to winter. This is also usually the first time livestock is led outside.

This year I haven’t been to the great plains of Hungary, this is a photo from my archive. You should check out my Big Picture galleries of the grazing season-opening ceremony last year and the season-closing ceremony taken sometime later.

How did you celebrate during this long weekend now the weather was nice?

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