I love mayflies because they don’t sting

Local man holds a long-tailed mayfly (Palingenia longicauda) in his hand during the insects' swarming called Tiszaviragzas (Blooming of Tisza) on the river Tisza in Tiszainoka (some 135 km south-east from Budapest), Hungary on June 20, 2012.

http://photos.volgyiattila.hu/gallery-collection/Tiszaviragzas-Blooming-of-Tisza/C0000EXxqiLmFfsMI expressly hate bugs and insects of all sorts, but the Blooming of river Tisza (Tiszavirágzás in Hungarian) is my favorite natural phenomenon and its participants the Longtailed mayflies are my favourite bugs insects.

As I summarised it to someone who never experienced the Blooming of river Tisza what the mayfly swarming is known in Hungary – and not even going to watch it hating insects just like me: mayflies are nice because contrary to most of the insects they don’t stig, pinch, bite, kick or scratch just fly and mate.

Mayflies live only for one day – in their form off the fully develped creature at least – they don’t need to eat or to protect themselves. Their only method of procreation is the genetically coded strategy of mating in large numbers. They form large clouds of swarming. Moreover this year we had a swarming larger than I have ever seen before.

So I like mayflies because they are nice and they don’t sting…

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