Vertical video syndrome – how you never saw it

With the populartiy of smartphones and tablets  the phenomenon of vertical videos also spreads faster and faster. All of our systems handle videos horizontally – only a few users are exceptions. Do to prevent this: watch this video – it is really worth!

I found this funny video about vertical videos on the Facebook page of the Hungarian Instagram Community. I also wrote about this topic on my Hungarian blog befoe, but I didn’t have such a funny example of why vertical videos are bad. It seems I’m not alone with my feelings against vertical videos spoken out loud.

I think this video is simply brilliant and very funny too. It’s only drawback is YouTube only allows it to be played with machine translation this way even if we wanted, or if I would have the time for it (for what there have been examples before) we couldn’t make a Hungarian translation for it….but it would be worth as many Hungarians don’t speak English.

And don’t forget, if everyone would record videos vertically and the vertical videos would become the norm, then George Lucas would release a newest version of Star Wars in vertical edition….you cannot want this!

Unfortunately the original video was removed, but there is a clean version left on YouTube.

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