Colorful easy soap bubbles float among children

Photo by Attila Volgyi /
Kids burst bubbles<br>Photo by Attila Volgyi /

Kids burst bubbles
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Photo by Attila Volgyi /

This year marks the second time the soap bubble day was organised on Margaret Island. The event made a joyful afternoon for all participants.

One of the financial experts of the Hungarian morning economic radio show Millionairy Breakfast (Millás Reggeli) is often quoted to say:

“Every soap bubble is on the verge of being blown up.”

It is true for soap bubbles as well. Especially where a lot of children who are eager to burst all the bubbles. This turned into a race between the artists blowing the bubbles and the children trying to burst them. The quest was who turns out to be more successful. Both sides had some efforts in it.

There was some miscommunication in the organising. The location of the event was set for a wrong part of the island. But in the end everyone got to the right place and enjoyed their time. Thankfully a lot of people were wandering in the right direction so I had no trouble finding the right place. I hope nobody was left behind to miss the fun and next time the location will be more precise.

By the way why is there only one of these really nince and fun events every year?

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