Stiletto run is not healthy – but popular

Participant attends the yearly Stiletto Run organised by Glamour magazine in Budapest, Hungary on September 08, 2012.

There are hundreds willing to risk some times quite serious injuries just to have a chance to enjoy the fun of participating Glamour magazine’s annual Stiletto Run. Some of them enter the funny competition for the challenge some are motivated by the prizes but thankfully there aren’t too serious injuries.

Even walking is not healthy in stiletto not to run hundred meters, but most women wear it and some of them even competes high heels. At least those not breaking an ankle or other bone during preparations. Organisers say there are some of those braver than lucky each year. This weekend we saw again a Glamour Stiletto Run in Budapest.

100 m run is an Olympic discipline, but in high heels it is definitely an uncommon sport. It is yet very popular among readers of the female readers of the magazine. This year’s competiton in Budapest even had a pregnant lady running in stiletto with a girlfriend joining her to avoid any accidents and prevent risking the baby carried.

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