Wild west gun smoke in Dabas

Participant wearing period dress carries his pistols during the Cowboy Action Shooting European Championship in Dabas, Hungary on August 11, 2012.

Armed cowboys stormed the shooting range in Dabas where gun shots surrounded live ammo fights to find out who wins the title of the best European action shooter.

Dabas hosts the Cowboy Action Shooting European championships this year. Action shooting is an interesting style of competition. Triggerhappy participants dressed in western outfits line up on the shooting range trying to shoot their live rounds hitting as many targets in the shortest time possible. They have specially built hideouts and decorations bringing western mood to the competition with hay stacks, chariots and two dimensional saloon facades.
The modern health and safety gear reduced authenticity of the outfits that may not include anything synthetic and they don’t fit the Colt and Winchester dominated fashion of the event. Non English languages spoken at the event also didn’t entirely fit the western athmosphere, but most of the participants arrived from dosens of countries, lacking native US cowboys. Official communication was in English but other than Hungarian, german scandinavian dialogues were quite common. All the participants had however a US registered nickname like Long John, Big Gun or the like. This field of sports is after all about enjoying your time and the smoke of gunpowder in the air.