Obama won elections with the love of pizza?

Photo by Jonathan Erns/Reuters

Photo by Jonathan Erns/Reuters

One of the Hungarian online pizza ordering sites took a chance to congratulate president Obama for his reelection. The only question left is what’s up with healthy life?

Posing with celebrities has always been a popular marketing tool. On Facebbook anyone shares everything anyway, and if there is the slightest connection to your business, people often jump on it to get some extra attention. They are good content for the followers and it can collect new likes as well.

I saw the picture and the text saying this picture of Obama with all the pizza boxes helped him a lot to win the elections because pizza is the favorite food of the USA. But I stand here left with the question echoing in my head what happened witht the former request that politicians should not pose with unhealthy food showing a good example. Anyway many websites published galleries of a so called presidelntial diet.

Do you think an election is really up to things like this?

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