Half naked santas run in freezing cold too

People participate a half naked "Santa run" organised the 5th time to support a charity in Budapest, Hungary on December 09, 2012.

Every winter brings the annual Santa run in Budapest city centre. Cold weather wasn’t enough to scare away people willing to drop their clothes and join the half naked run in swimsuits.

I always have a pair of ear plugs in my pocket. I usually use them for protection while I photograph at concerts and at Forma 1 races. This time they got stone hard in the low temperature. But the swimsuit santas were unbeaten by the weather. They enjoyed their time in the city and they proved the truth in the joke I wrote labour them last year: just like truth cold is in the ey of the beholder.

This was the fifth time they held this running in support of the charity Magic Lamp Foundation  who want to make the wishes of ill children in hospitals to become really to make the kids happy.

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