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Best photos of 2012 selections
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YearInPhotos2012News websites have been publishing their selections from the best pictures of the year for weeks or even months. Some of these collections were made from their own photos made by their staff but most of them are edited from the images of the wire services. I too made my collection of these collections just like I did it last year and the year before.

I don’t remmber which of the sites started the earliest publishing the year’s end selections. I only remember to recognise it started almost as early as the Christmas preparations did. Reuters’ selection has been developed into greatly misunderstood statistics. This time I only want to list all the galleries. years’ collection includes not just the usual pressphoto galleries, but some other interesting stuff too. From the press photo galleries I would highlight Time’s wast selection that has a reason to be called A Year of Photographers in the Picture. Time also has something special for the photographer community. They made a gallery in memory of the photographers who died in 2012.
The list also contains a collection of mobile photos and it also has a dedicated Instagram selection – especially once they stirred up photography communities at the end of the year. There are also some selections of weather photos, most shared photos on the web and the best magazine covers of the year.

Reuters, AFP, Getty Images and VII agencies also made a video reel of their best photos. You find these videos at the end of this post.

News agency selections:
Hungarian collections:

Reuters Year in 60 seconds

Getty Images Showreel 2012

AFP year in photos

Bloomberg Photos: Best of the Year 2012

National Geographic Magazine’s Photos of the Year

Sources: The majority of this collection was based on the Monroe Gallery‘s collection. I couldn’t manage to find a lot of galleries they couldn’t find (but there has been a few).

If you know any other collections that is left out, let me know in the comments!

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