GoPro Hero2 – Hero3 Silver – Black


GoPro Hero2 and Hero3

Check out what development the popular GoPro action cameras went through and what are the differences of the new Hero3 cheaper and more expensive models!

I was thinking about doing my own test, but I don’t really like testing and I have many other topics to write about. This is why I skipped making the GoPro test. Fortunately others did it instead of me, and they did a really thorough work to find out the differences between different GoPro camera models (Hero2, Hero3 Silver and Hero3 Black).

This test proves what I’ve already suspected and I also wrote about it: Hero3 Silver is at the same technological level as the previous Hero2 was as it has the same sensor.The new build of the camera and it’s advanced electronics help it to have a better optic and audio quality, but the real difference is expereienced with the Hero3 Black.

Have a look at the Eye of Mine comparison pictures to see the size of the old and new models side by side, and don’t miss the video. Especially if you are considering to buy one of the GoPro cameras.

Update: the video embed has been disbaled by the owner, to watch the video on YouTube, click on the link.

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