Who needs photographers?!

Selfies by Divany.hu

Photographer, stylist, model and writer in one person
Photo by divany.hu

It’s not that I believe this is the dreaded shape of things to come, but the rolling juggernaut of mobile photography and its effects on our profession is a common and unavoidable topic for discussion these days. And it’s a phenomonen which is increasingly cropping up in professional publications.

Hungary’s Divany.hu recently published an article on fashion trends, one I didn’t read at the time admittedly. Fashion is not my favourite area unless I have a job to do in it. In the article, though, it seems obvious the photos were taken in the mirror of the changing room by the writer herself .

The gallery has no less than 61 headless self photos for the dedicated ‘screenshopper’ to browse through. For me, this is the latest appearance of the gallery pressure phenomenon which I have  mentioned before. I would still be curious to know if there are any readers going through the entire gallery.

So, how many of the photos did you check out?

Addition: there’s something about such observations from crit6ics that I feel uncomfortable with, similar to the wall of shame approach. If you share something with others to show a negative example of how not to do something, it still works out as an advertisement of sorts, the subject of the criticism will see an increase in interest, and might  even consider it as a reinforcement to keep on doing as he’s been doing in the hope of gaining even more viewers.

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