How can a ‘fashion half-day’ be a ‘fashion week’?

OneDay-Tony&GuyFashionWeekMarketing people and event organisers do many things to get more attention but to call a half-day long event a fasion WEEK is a whopper of an overstatement.

I’m already used to two-and three-day events being called ‘fashion weeks’ in Hungary. I don’t know if there has ever been a fashion week that actually lasted for a week or even close to it.

Those more honest with their audience usually call their event ‘fashion days’ – more than one day event, (perhaps!), but shorter than a week. This way no-one can say they’re being economical with the truth.

It caught my attention when I by chance heard of the event and decided it might be nice to go to ONE of its DAYS. Then I had a closer look and saw that on its ONLY day I would be otherwise engaged…

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