Shutter music ringing in photogs’ ears?

CanonEOS-shutter-soundsMany times I have wished it wouldn’t exist at all, but for some enthusiasts, the clicking sound of a DSLR shutter inspires a curious affection. One of them even sat down and composed a comparison video that actually sounds really good – have a listen!

During our work many of us would love to turn it off on our professional cameras, but most of the mobile phones and compact cameras  use artificial recordings to simulate the feeling. Some even use it as a ringtone on their mobile or even play it in their free time for the sheer joy of it.

Well this is how the shutters of different cameras’ (300D, 1100D, 350D, 400D, 550D, 5D II, 6D, 30D, 1Ds III, 5D III, 60D, 50D, 40D, 7D, 1D III, 1D IV and 1D X) sound during continuous shooting.

Can you identify them by sound?

Of course if you listen to shutters too much it could also lead to shutter replacement….which is not such an appealing thought.

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