Daily cuteness: giant kitties in the zoo

Two month old captive born baby lion and its mother are seen in their cage in the City Zoo in Budapest, Hungary on June 13, 2013.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the newest babies in Budapest Zoo, three newly-born and freshly-named lion kittens.

Kamal, Szimba and Kiran were born two months ago and while they look like kittens now, weighing just 7-10 kilogrammes, one day they will of course grow into real wild animals.

At a press conference their keepers told us the names of the babies and vaccinated them after weighing them. I didn’t particularly like the photos I could take at the presser so I hung on to photograph them in their own environment, or in their proper zoo habitat I should say as photos taken through a fence are hardly the same as ones taken in their natural habitat. So they won’t qualify as nature photos nor will I win any photo contests with it that could cause any arguments later. What is indisputable, at least for me, is that they are really cute.

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