Here’s to Yoyo, a good game and interesting photo subject
Gökten Uzuner of Turkey competes during the Yoyo European Championships in Budapest, Hungary on February 24, 2013.

Now you might be thinking yoyo is just for kids, a humble spool attached to a string rolling up and down until you (soon) get bored. There are clearly some however who cannot get enough of it and have developed some rather special ways of getting tricks out of the yoyo.

I suspect the players at the recent Yoyo European Championships in the PeCsa Hall in Budapest started doing their impressive and artistic tricks precisely because the basic up-down-up-down (repeat ad infinitum) concept was boring them to tears. I didn’t spot anyone at the event working the yoyo the traditional way. I tried to capture some of the moods of this style, but before watching my photos, have a look at the video of Black, the Japanese world champion who not only presents his art but also tells us how he choose this path in his TED talk. Play the video below (with quite some subtitles if you need one). It’s really worth it!

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