Never too young for a spot of fencing

Child of a competitor plays with a sabre during a preliminary of the Fencing World Championships held in Budapest, Hungary on August 05, 2013.

We have a children’s song in Hungary about knives, forks and scissors not to be left lying around for children to innocently pick up – but as far as I know none exist about the perils of swords!

I will spend most of my time this week at the Fencing World Championships which have just opened in Budapest and in a quieter moment among the fencers I came across this cute kid playing with an unsual “toy”.

Update: Before anyone begins to worry about the child’s safety, fret not, his parents were around, watching over him and even taking snaps of his new discoveries. Although it looked like this was neither first (nor probably the last) time the little guy had a sword in his hands…

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