Three photographers sitting in a bathtub

Fotó: Lorenzo Bellanca
Photographers in a bath tub

Photographers wait in a bathtub in Singapore
Photo by Lorenzo Bellanca

Now you know what photographers get up to before the start of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, waiting in a luxury bathroom to take their awesome photos of the beautifully lit city.

A different slant on this scene was released by Getty Images as well as their photographer Mark Thompson was among the lucky ones invited to this particular bathroom window for some special shots.

I find the photo shared on his Facebook page by Vladimir Rys to be more interesting however. Rather than showing the photographers working, it shows them enjoying the time in a top quality hotel room. A suite in the Ritz Carlton Hotel may not be the most hostile and challenging environment but I doubt they were able to spend much time there before heading into the field.
This picture on the other hand conveys how photographers help out each other as well as competing for the best pictures.

Photo by Vladimir Rys

Night view over Singapore
Photo by Vladimir Rys

According to Vladimir, his friend Lorenzo Bellanca invited them to the hotel room to get a special angle on the city-centre race. They stayed there for the Saturday practice rounds, while Vladimir also used it for the qualifying rounds because by the end of the practice it was still not dark enough for the night pictures he had in mind (similar to this one).

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