Best price for Adobe photo software ever

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In the Christmas preparation preriod Adobe made his best offer ever to connvince photographers to choose their cloud base subscriptions. They offered an unbeatable price for the most popular photography software package.

Until 2nd December you can get the Photography Program for only  13 Euros, or $10 (that is rouughly  3000 HUF if you live in Hungary). The Photography Program (later renamed to Photography Plan) includes both PhotoShop and Lightroom so almost all their software a photographer will ever need to edit their photos. This amont of money is really worth the price for anyone to have a legal and always updated subscription of the latest tools. Especially when photography is not only a hobby for someone, but a profession making a living.

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I for one never need PhotoShop and I bought a boxed copy of Lightroom. However in case the feature set or compatibility of the boxed version will be outdated I certainly would not think long to invest in my subscription.

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Update: After the original deadline expired Adobe prolonged their offer under the name of Photography Plan.

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