The latest in remotely shot African lion pictures

another photographer discovers remote shooting

Hungarion version
Photo by Chris McLennan

Photo by Chris McLennan

Who doesn’t like closeups of lions , so let’s take a look at PetaPixel’s recent report on a photographer who got his shots using a D800 mounted on a customised RC car.

New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan is not the first to take nature photos with remote control and probably won’t be the last either as this technology becomes more and more popular.

Photo by Chris McLennan

Photo by Chris McLennan

What makes McLennan’s photos remarkable however is that they are currently the highest resolution pictures around in this genre.

Impressive, although the record is unlikely to stay unbroken for long as even a mobile mobile phone has higher resolution. However you can only download the images in a much smaller, Full HD resolution.

More on McMcLennan’s adventures can be seen in the video below which drew more than a million views in just a few days. Let the photographer and his pictures speak for themselves.

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