Behind-The-Scenes of Making-Of nature videos

tv crew challenged in the wilderness

Hungarion version
Photo by Filmjungle

Photo by Filmjungle

A rare behind-the-scenes video of the making-of a nature documentary  who happens to be Hungrian brings to the screen just how challenging and gruelling the work of  a nature photographer  can be.

In this case, the subject is the internationally-renowned and multi-award winning Hungarian-born nature photographer Bence Mate.

ISO1200 published the video, linked below, without any added background or introduction but I think it is worth making one or two comments here.

The video clearly shows the enormous efforts made by the staff of Filmjungle to present the work of Mate. The same crew also made the documentary mini-series titled The Invisible Wildlife Photographer that aired in Hungary last Christmas.

Secondly, I find it a bit strange that the the video is mostly in Hungarian with only a small part in English (even the pieces direct to camera are sometimes in Hungarian sometimes in English).

Photo by Filmjungle

Photo by Filmjungle

The content is mostly about the use (and eventual going up in smoke) of a Phantom slow motion camera, and about what the world’s cheapest DIY eyepiece looks like on one of the world’s most expensive cameras.

In any case it is worth watching the video as a good primer or warmer-upper for the entire documentary.

Unfortunately ISO1200 says nothing about the series whose shooting this video documents. I can only hope this piece then is just a teaser of an international release of the Invisible Wildlife Photographer that I hope will soon be as widely known and popular as it has been in Hungary.

If you haven’t yet had a look, here’s a link to the earlier post: