New year without resolutions also brings news

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First resolution: Make NO resolutions!
Photo by katerha/Flickr

I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions. However great habit it is for lots of people to make  promises along with the change of the year. Some sense it still makes in the life of everyone.

Why we don’t need new year resolutions?
Originally I wanted to write it is totally pointless to make new year resolutions, but it is not totally true this way. Decisions are important. To follow them once we made them is even more important. However we don’t need to tie them to the new year or any other date, event or other external thing. The key is to follow your decisions and do what you chose to do.

Why does it still make sense?
When you make a public obligation and commit to do something it can mean a great internal motivation too. Publishing your new year resolution on Facebook or in a comment below this post means a greater commitment to your goal and motivates you more to do for it to come true. It is totally up to you how long this motivation will last or you allow lazyness take over.

Personal resolutions
I don’t usually make new year resolutions. Usually I don’t tie my big decisions to the new year, but for the next year I have quite some new plans to do things differently than before. Some of them can be visible on the blog as well so I don’t include a list of them.

Some help for tuneing on
I wrote a separate post about the YearCompass booklet that helps you to make a recollection of the past year and to prepare for the goals of the next one. If you have never tried it before, them it is about time to try it. If you already tried it this can be a good time to give it another try. If you regularly use it you know why I suggest it. If you tried and didn’t like it, perhaps you should look for a different approach, but still some things can help you to prepare and achieve more in the new year.

What are your plans and/or resolutions for the new year?

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