Rene Caselly’s elephant split
Merrylu Casselly and Rene Casselly Jr. from Germany perform a Golden Pierrot Award winning acrobatic elephant act during the 10th International Circus Festival in Budapest, Hungary on January 13, 2014.

There has been a lot of fun made of Jean Claude Van Damme performing a split on trucks what spreads on the Internet like a virus. The same time Merrylu Casselly and Rene Casselly Jr. has a quite similar performance in Circus Budapest every day on the backs of two elephants.

Until recently Caselly family performed in the show Lights of the Universe. They had a similar performance there as well while the elephants were walking around in a circle. I photographed them last time yesterday in the gala of the International Circus Festival. These photos were taken there too.

By the way if someone could overcome the elementary criticism connected to Van Damme’s commercial – what I strongly based the title of this post – then you can easily acknowledge that the original advertisement wasn’t about the split or who performs it. Exactly the opposite, the original message would’ve been to show how extreme precision these trucks are capable while they drive reverse – note the commercial is promoting the company’s special reverse driving aid system and its precision.
It’s an interesting question how the wide popularity of the video relates to the success of delivery to the original focus group or if the message got lost in the great social media noise it created around itself. If only its original purpose wasn’t accomplished, then it doesn’t really matter if 67 million people saw it. In this case it is not much more than a big communication failure.

Do you think any truck drivers are influenced by this commercial?

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