Documentaries about photography

Photo by Chelsea Marie Hicks/Flickr
Photo by Chelsea Marie Hicks/Flickr

Photo by Chelsea Marie Hicks/Flickr

This is the longest list ever collecting documentaries about the world of photography. However it is still incomplete. If you know anything not yet on the list, please send it to me to add to it!

Majority of this list of a collection of documentaries about photography has been originally published by PetaPixel in English. I only copied the most of them from their list, but I wanted to add some links for my readers not yet included in the original version. First of all the posts I wrote about some of these documentaries I already wrote about on my blog (either on the Hungarian or in the English version of it too) and I also wanted to add some Hungarian documentaries too to the collection. Of course I would be happy to include any new suggestions from visitors so don’t hesitate to send me if you have something to add.

Some stories mentioned on my blog before

Documentaries in English


Films By Photographers



  • Bring Your Own Doc: A conversation with director Jeff Malmberg about Marwencol –YouTube
  • Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography 2012 – YouTube
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson Interviewed by Charlie Rose – YouTube
  • Inside Media: The President’s Photographer – YouTube
  • James Nares – STREET – Lecture – Vimeo
  • Joel Meyerowitz 1981 Street Photography Program – YouTube
  • Magnum Photos – Earthlings by Richard Kalvar – YouTube
  • Magnum Photos – Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt – YouTube
  • ‪Mark Feeney: “Four Photographers on Three Wheels: William Eggleston’s Tricycle and Before”‬ – YouTube
  • Peter Fraser 2011 talk on his work and workshop assignment – Vimeo
  • Sarah Moon is a Master of Photography (from Contacts) – YouTube

Photo found in PetaPixel post is titled Be Kind Rewind film reel taken by Chelsea Marie Hicks.

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