UK publisher all of its photographers

They won't have much beautyful images any more

They won’t have much beautyful images any more

UK publisher Johnston Press fires all their photogprahers working at their titles in England. Chicago Sun-Times had a sticky example followed by other companies – money talks and quality doesn’t matter.

Hold the Front Page wrote this time a UK paper starts to lay off all of its photographers. Just like Hungarian publisher PLT did not so long ago, right after the Chicago Sun-Times Jonhson Press also fires all of their photo staff. It is officially unknown how many colleagues will be affected but UK’s National Union of Journalists claims 24 photographers are at risk.

Spokeswoman of the publisher said: “All photographers will soon be leaving titles within the Midlands region following a review – at local level – of the way photographic content is generated.”
Some sources say some fired photographers may be rehired as freelancers but the company plans to rely increasingly on photos submitted by readers and reporters taking photos with their phones.

It seems decision makers either don’t know the criticism, protest and quite visible decrease in quality that followed the photographer layoffs at the Chicago Sun-Times or they just simply don’t care about it. They may of course trust the theory readers don’t care about quality.

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