10 reasons why NOT to write a blog

InPhoto Blog became InPhoto Archive
InPhoto Blog became InPhoto Archive

InPhoto Blog became InPhoto Archive

InPhotoBlog-end-reasonsHones confession from a blogger about why he stopped publishing new posts. His opinion may be way too negative but alarming too for wannabe bloggers. Of course you can use his words to know what kind of demotivation you will need to fight if you start blogging.

InPhoto Blog is written in Hungarian so it is less accessible for readers of my English blog, however its content is interesting and valuable too. However the reasons why it ceased operation may be an important warning why to avoid blogging completely or what drawbacks to avoid not to loose your motivation like the owner of this blog – and many others too did.

I had a deeper conversation with the owner of InPhoto Blog. He first deleted it completely than some of us convinced him not to remove the valuable content from the web. He brought back the blog content from backup and after a period of crowdsourcing content he even continued publishing for a while. But now the blog stopped again. Now he says it is a final decision, but many hope it wont be. I thought I ask him why he made this decision after publishing 4177 posts.

As an answer to everyone the blogger who names himself Romanee Conti provided a list of “why not to blog” to me that seems to be matching the opinions of other blog owners who stopped publishing their blogs I talked to recently. There is not much to add:

  1. The first 1-2 years are very bad until noone reads the blog. Basically it is worth to write a blog if you do it every day. Doing it with 0 readership is very demoralising. I know it from experience!
  2. Two reasons not to write  a blog: if you are no expert of the field you plan to write about and if you are an expert – but then why do it?
  3. For the feedback. It is worth to write a blog if you get some feedback, but it is strictly forbidden to allow comments! But then why do it? You’re lost anyway!
  4. If you want to make money with it. You’re deemed to failure, don’t even try it! If you do it well, you won’t make money with it. Even if you sell your soul you will still make not much money – then why do it?
  5. Because your readers consider your blog a free service. It realy is, because you’re dumb enough to do it. What will you profit out of it? Don’t be naive, nothing.
  6. You wouldn’t meet attacks if you’ve stayed with the grey masses – worth to consider it! Is it worht? You will be attacked continuously. I grant it!
  7. Based on the previous point, chocolate for these people? You put a lot of knowledge and efforts into your work, but you don’t profit from it. Either because you’re dumb or professional. But you get a lot of offence. All this makes you ask, why to give them anything? Believe me you’re crazy if you start doing it.
  8. If you are the tiniest bit dyslexic, don’t even dare to think of it! It is hell! I know it from experience.
  9. You will never be happy! If you stand for real values, you won’t have any viewership. Then why? If you by accident get linked by a large website, you’ll get visitors, but you won’t be happy because of the lack or the style and content of the comments. I warned you!
  10. Do something else! Learn languages, do some sports, start a startup, think, read! You can profit much more from other activities than from blogging. Believe me! 🙂

What do you think of these reasons?

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