Nikon D4s is heavily used in Sochi

check out the first olympic test photos

Hungarion version

D4s will be Nikon’s new flagship. It is not officially announced yet, but sports photographers are already heavily using it live during the winter olympics in Sochi.

Photography rumor sites are talking about the D4s for a while. Until now journalists only met a few teaser and spy photos. Everybody is just guessing but the news taht D4 become discontinued suggests a new announcement expected tomorrow is imminent.

Photographers of USA Today Robert Deutsch, Robert Hanashiro ands Richard Mackson are publishing their photos with the new camera. Some of them can be downloaded in full resolution for a closer inspection thanks to CameraEgg, just click on the images below! (Of course these aren’t the original photos straight out of camera. They have all been cropped and probably compressed at least once as well – newspapers and agencies prefer small file sizes for faster sending and easier storage over the low compression and greater detail.)

You can see the first known D4s images on Pixinfo and CameraEgg.

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