The most complete Olympic collection

SochiGallery-mosaic-SQ-ENLike I mentioned earlier in one of the posts about the behind the scenes of photographers working at the Olympics, some of the news and photo agencies can even publish around 2000 images a day, all of their photographers together probably made more than a million images during the games. Here I have a (far from complete) collection of their images.

I wrote a few times about how Olympic photos are taken. Now here is a collection of the resulting images. Most of the newspapers took some sort of daily, weekly, general or thematic selection about the winter Olympics. I tried to collect these into one place possibly in some obviously clear way. It causes some confusion the different websites started counting the days of the games from a different starting point while others simply displayed the date, others however published themed galleries. Check out these galleries and send me if you find any other collections I should add to this list!

General selections:
Opening ceremony:
February 4:
February 5:
February 6:
February 7:
February 8:
February 9:
February 10:
February 11:
February 12:
February 13:
February 14:
February 15:
February 16:
February 17:
February 18:
February 19:
February 20:
February 21:
February 22:

Closing ceremony:

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