His friend talks abot Robert Capa – video

Hungarion version
John G Morris talks about Robert Capa

John G Morris talks about Robert Capa

A video by Hungary’s new Capa centre remembers the world famous war photographer Robert Capa. Friend and former Life Magazine picture editor John G Morris talks about his old friend.

Hungary’s newly founded Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre published a 3:30 long video interview with the former picture editor of Life Magazine who has been a close colleague and a friend of the war photographer. Formerly Morris gave an interview to Financial Times on the anniversary of the D-Day. However this video is more short-spoken than the previous interview but you can hear Morris speaking about Capa himself (with Hungarian subtitles).

At the end of the video Morris tells that as well he is happy Hungarians keep the memory of Capa and consider him one of the greatest Hungarians. I’m happy this video was recorded by Capa centre and I also hope they have a longer version of it we can see some time soon.