You can watch Sharks in my viewfinder online

SharksInMyViewfinder-coverFinally the popular nature documentary by Hungarian underwater photographer Daniel Selmeczi titled Sharks in My Viewfinder can be watched online. Watch it and support the creators to be able to make lots of other similar movies!

When I first wrote about the movie being available on DVD, I had an interesting mail exchange with Daniel. He happily offered to send me a disk with the movie in return. He was happy I wrote about it without being asked or even told. This movie is not just another work for him (and for the rest of the staff) it is a real commitment. The movie won some awards but it is more important to draw some attention to the false image of sharks and their massacre.
I tried to politely deter his offer. I had two reasons to do so. One is I have some idea about the expenses and hardships of movie making so I rather choose not accept the offer just to be able to tell I got a freebie. On the other hand as I already wrote it on the blog I don’t use DVD for years and I don’t even have a drive to put it in.

My problem got a 21st century solution now. For a while you can find the movie on Vimeo on Demand both in English and Hungarian as well. This way anyone can buy it around the world or for a tiny bit fewer money you can also rent it to view it only once and you can watch it in an instant without waiting. You can decide it for yourself how important it is for you, but I consider it crucial to mention supporting the creators with the purchase to help them becoming able to make other similarly great movies.

Now noone needs to buy and burn disks, pack and post it even prices can stay as low as necessary and the money isn’t spent on things that aren’t needed for the delivery any more:

Watch the movie and support the creators to make more movies!

Sharks in my viewfinder – Trailer from Filmjungle on Vimeo.

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