iPad version of Lightroom introduced

Crop with iPad for Lightroom

Crop with iPad for Lightroom

Adobe recently introduced the tablet version of their popular photo editing software Lightroom. The new application has a great emphasis on cloud based photo management, but you can try it without a Creative Cloud subscription.

When iPad first appeared it was just a dream to seriously edit photos on it. Since then photo editing apps come out in rows. Like Apple’s iPhoto for iOS app, the PhotoShop Touch and a lot of others.


Filters in iPad for Lightroom

Adobe has been experimenting with similar apps for a while. Formerly it was called Adobe Carousel, later it became Adobe Revel. Now it (finally?) appeared as Lightroom and it can be downloaded for free for iPads and their website promises an iPhone version coming soon.
The app looks almost the same as its predecessors what is not a big surprise after all being created by the same developers. It offers in the iPad the key features from the Develop module of Lightroom. Just like with the desktop version we may compare the before and after state of an image.
What is completely missing from the app is Lightroom’s also important photo catalog feature to help organise, catalog and sort images. You may watch the EXIF data of photos on your iPad (just like in many other apps), but there is no keywording and handling of any metadata. You can do it only in the desktop Lightroom.

Eposure correction in iPad for Lightroom

Eposure correction in iPad for Lightroom

Sorting images:

  • Pick
  • Unflag
  • Reject
  • Filter by flag state

Photo editing:

  • Crop
  • White balance/Color temperature
  • Tint
  • Exposition
  • Contrast
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation
  • Dozens of filters
Login with Lightroom for iPad

Login to Lightroom for iPad

With or without cloud
Photos loaded into the app and their settings can be synced over Adobe’s cloud service among your different devices. This way your images can be mutually accessed not only on tablets and iPhones, but on desktop computers and laptops too. To sync your images of course you need Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
You can still use test Lightroom on your iPad as a standalone app without a subscription, but only for a limited time. You still need to have an Adobe ID to run the app, but for test a free registration will do and no subscription is necessary for 30 days. This limitation is also not new it was part of the earlier versions of this concept called Carousel/Revel and this Creative Cloud subscription centric approach is becoming the standard for Adobe lately.

Quite well hidden trial period counter

Quite well hidden trial period counter

My opinion
I don’t feel the app itself to be so spetial. It offers the same basic functions that have been available in practically any other photo editing app for iPad before. It has a somewhat different user interface, but it has no real connection to the original Lightroom user interface. I surely wouldn’t start to use this program for this reason.
The key feature of the app is clearly the cloud base sync option with the desktop Lightroom, but I don’t feel the need for that either yet – however I like using cloud services for other tasks so I may change my mind on this too. I certainly would not subscribe for Creative Cloud only for this possibility. On the other hand CC is a quite friendly solution for using legal software, you can consider this app to be an addition the service.

A legnagyobb kérdés, hogy vajon az alkalmazás képfeldolgozó algoritmusai nyújtanak-e olyan minőséget, mint az asztali Lightroom programé és hogy ez jobb-e más iPad alkalmazások képfeldolgozásánál. Ezt szerintem döntse el mindenki magának.

Features of the app are presented with a more advertisement like video, but they have a more practical one on YouTube that shows how a photographer may use it live.

Update: At first sight it wasn’t obvious for me I have only a short test period and not an endless option to use the app as a standalone. The counter of the trial period is hidden in a submenu and you definitely need a Creative Cloud subscription to use the app after the trial period is over. I updated the post after this discovery to reflect the correct details on this.

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