Funny splashes of diving dogs
First ever Dog Diving competition in the City Park of Budapest, Hungary on May 17-18, 2014.

It took me quite some time after the event to put this gallery together but I hope you will still enjoy the images. Some of my pictures were published by some newspapers like the Daily Mail, but this is a more extended selection than what they’ve used.

It was the first time ever to organise a Dog Diving competition in Budapest and it was for most of the dogs almost as joyful as their owners. The majority of the dogs jumped into the pool with great enthusiasm to bring their favourite toy back. Many of them weren’t discouraged from playing the game by the 16 degrees Celsius of the water or the some times rainy weather. A couple of them easily jumped over the minimal four meter distance what qualified them for the final whose stake has been to enter the European championships. There has been some dogs less brave, who didn’t at all or could only hardly determine themselves to jump. A few of them dared only jump into the water at first time, but then they were too afraid to repeat it, they waived the lovely toy floating in the water.

The main principle of the competition was: the dogs have to want and enjoy the game. The owners may not force them to jump into the water and it is strictly forbidden to push them physically. However a few owners not only pushed the dogs, but some simply grabbed and tossed their loved pet into the water. Strange enough while most of the dogs didn’t want to swim after this rather cooling experience, there was one who really got inspired after first getting wet out of intention and was excited to jump into the pool next time.

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