First ever rubber duck race in Budapest

Thousands of rubber ducks float on the water in front of the Parliament during The Great Rubber Ducky Race 2014 charity event on river Danube in central Budapest, Hungary on August 31, 2014.

Last Sunday was the day of the first ever rubber duck race in Budapest. However their website says it is the first such event in whole Hungary, it is clearly not true as Rotary Club in Szentendre has its own rubber duck race for years held in a local creek – this year’s race was held just one day before the large rubber duck race on Danube in the capital city.

Nevertheless having a rubber duck race in front of the building of Parliament on river Danube with 51 800 yellow rubber ducks is quite a different sight than having only a small portion of them in the shallow waters of Bükkös creek. On the other hand it is much easier to remove all the ducks from the creek – so they usually succeed with it – without any pollution left, than it is to do with the much wider Danube having a stronger current. Organisers of the event in Budapest couldn’t really accomplish that flawlessly. By their original plans all of the rubber ducks should’ve been removed and be recycled to use them in some components of children playgrounds. But only some of the large amount of ducks could be collected by their staff from the river. The rest was washed ashore in many places around the city where bystanders were collecting them in dozens.
Some people are told to be looking for the owners to give them back the the ducks they paid to enter in the race and who painted quite some of the ducks with individual markings. Some are told to tell them or keep them for themselves. A lot of people were surprised by what happened to their ducks. Now you can check out my pictures about big race day of the rubber ducks in Budapest.

While I was taking these pictures, I also managed to get into the news broadcast at RTL Klub and let me thank for all those who sent me their werk photos of me taking photos of the ducks!

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