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US online tv provider Netflix (who are slowly expanding in Europe as well – and maybe coming to Hungary as well) is looking for Instagram photographers they call grammasters to promote the services of the company with their images on Instagram. Like Digital Trends writes their job ad says Netflix offers $2000/week for the three lucky applicants they select. They will have to travel around the American continent and take beautyful pictures for the company’s Instagram account and their over 120 thousand followers. Their task will be to photograph iconic locations of US movie and television production that may include shooting locations of Netflix’s own series and sets of other series they air. All travel arrangements will be taken care by the company however it is yet unclear if this offer is only for a short term assignment or a longer term job.

You can apply on Instagram until october 7th, you only need to add the #grammaster hashtag to your three best shots.

Netflix on Instagram

Netflix on Instagram

Unusual but popular
Some say this offer is too good to be true. Some say it is only a trick to get the company into the news once again and get some free publicity.
On the other hand more and more companies invest into talented photographers to support content for the business use of their Instagram account. More media outlets started using Instagram as well to reach their audience, but companies tend to discover the opportunities of Instagram. It is not surprising to see more and more such adverts. As more and more talented photographers experiment with the versatile uses of the possibilities offered by Instagram, the business demand and the quality supply can easily find each other.

It is however not the first time Netflix starts to offer out of the ordinary jobs. Previously this year they offered a “film and movie content expert” position. Basically they offered to pay for watching movies all day from home and the applicant has to keyword the movies to allow other viewers (those who don’t get paid by but has to pay for watching stuff) to find the videos that suits their interest the most.

What do you think about this job?

Supplemental: As I see the Instagram account of Netflix is fit for improvement to add some interesting images because what they currently have is not too appealing.

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