December 2014


Collection of best news photos in 2014

I couldn’t skip publishing this tsunami like list of photo collections from the best photos of the last year. At the end of the year picture editors at every most publications have an urge to make galleries that look back on the events of the year passing by. This year is no different in this regard so I too created my collection of these selections made by others – just like I did in 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, etc…


Inspiring movies for photographers

I met more of these lists on the web. I even wrote some of them and probably I will do so in the future too. This time I don’t want to list movies or documentaries about photographers. I rather try to collect some of the movies whose visual wold, picture style or other visual solutions can inspire photographers.


Boston Globe and Big Picture get a facelift

The popular Big Picture gallery of Boston Globe will be published at a new domain with a new look from now on. After six years and almost a thousand galleries with large images the Big Picture is renewed. They moved to a new domain and built a completely new look – it’s a shame their old stuff (at least a part of it) can be seen only in theory.


Instagrammer deletes photos for transiency

One of Instagram’s most popular photographer with 232 thousand followers feels a need for transiency and renewal thus he plans to delete all of his pictures published until now. His pictures can be seen only until december 6th in 2014. After that you can never see them again. I don’t question his rights to do this, but the sense of this action.