How many likes this picture is worth?

Drawn by Luis Quiles
Drawn by John Holcroft

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Drawn by John Holcroft

I meet this question more and more often. People tend to ask it next to photos and other things shared in social media. They not only ask for the likes or thank it in advance but they try to provoke it: “how many likes this picture is worth?”

I think the only thing worse than this is when people try to get popularity from the achievements of others liek “cheer with your likes”, “like to support them”“1 like=1 prayer” and others like this.

Drawn by Pawel Kuczynski

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Drawn by Pawel Kuczynski

The image of Spanish artist Luis Quiles grabs well the social phenomenon of artificially generated likes. His images were just recently published recently on Bored Panda, but they can be also found on his Facebook page and on Instagram too.
His style greatly differs, but his criticism for social issues is quite similar to Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski’s. His images can also be found on Bored Panda and other similar sites, like the Hungarian Manzard Cafe.
The British artist John Holcroft also has a lot of works on this issue. Bored Panda and Manzard Café made selections from these images and others, but it is worth to check out his Behance page too.

Of course this phenomenon affect other things as well not only the photo and other shares in our social media usage. It greatly affects how we handle charities and how we share hoaxes (unfortunately the linked posts are only available in Hungarian at the moment).

Share it if you think this cause is important!

Drawn by Luis Quiles

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Drawn by Luis Quiles

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