2014 was a bloody year for media workers

Source: CPJ
Main danger zones of the worldSource: CPJ

Main danger zones of the world
Source: CPJ

This time at the end of the year there are all sorts of reckoning about the passed year. One of the saddest of these is the statistics how many journalists were killed, jailed or exiled for their work.

Annual report from CPJ shows this year 60 journalists were killed and 220 jailed around the world in connection with their work as journalist.
Syria is still the most dangerous place for journalists where this year there were less killings, but danger has never been greater neither pressure on media workers. Ukraine was also among the most dangerous places. This year’s statistics were a bit better than last year, but this still means we live our most dangerous years and in only one and a half year number of journalists killed since ’92 grew to 1100 from 1000.

CPJ has a gallery in memory of all journalists killed this year and Newsweek also wrote an article about the same topic (all media workers from various fields killed this year) and Time has a selection about all the photographers who died this year (only photographers who died this year either being murdered or because of illness).

1100 journalists killed since 1992 - Source: CPJ

1100 journalists killed since 1992
Source: CPJ

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