Collection of best news photos in 2014

Best photos of 2014 collection
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Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

I couldn’t skip publishing this tsunami like list of photo collections from the best photos of the last year. At the end of the year picture editors at every most publications have an urge to make galleries that look back on the events of the year passing by. This year is no different in this regard so I too created my collection of these selections made by others – just like I did in 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, etc…

I collected the links ot the different selections myself, but a great deal of the English language galleries (and even some French and Italian ones too) can be found in the collection made by Monroe Gallery. But still a large bunch of them was collected by me, not to mention a great deal of time spent with editing them on a list like this.
Even if you don’t spend that much time with the galleries I did with making this list, I hope you will at least roll down to the bottom of the post. Just like in recent years at the end of the list you find some videos news agencies made from their best photos to be able to watch in a few minutes.

As many of the sites have contracts with the same news agencies there is quite large overlap between images in some of the galleries. I used the “Tip” marks to highlight some of the links that are either the selections of the source agencies or galleries of papers that select pictures of their own photographers or at least that are more rare and have a higher probability you will like them. Of course the highlights are subjective so there is no guarantee for it.
Also the first group of galleries are from sites in Hungary thus the captions are also in Hungarian and they might be harder to understand them with Google Translate. I still hope you will enjoy them.

If you don’t find this collection complete enough and you can add any similar selections that should be added, don’t hesitate to send it in the comments section!

Selections from sites in Hungary:
News agency selections:
International selections:

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National Geographic Year of Images in 30 Seconds:

Bloomberg Best Photos 2014:

BEST OF THE YEAR 2014 from BBPhoto on Vimeo.

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